Thursday, December 5

Recent Projects

November had me feeling sleepy, tired, and frail. I was sick for practically the whole month, couldn't eat even though I was hungry and didn't have the energy to finish the things I needed to.

Thank god it's all over now. My appetite for food and crafting is back - I can finish two cups of rice, craft until midnight, and wake up the following morning as early as seven to think of more craft projects. :)

Anyhoo, here are some of the recent projects I did for Hey Kessy:

1. Hey Kessy has teamed up with another Filipino artist to come up with an original washi design. Hope you like this video I've made about the artist and the design.

Can you guess who the artist is?

2. I designed this Christmas ball made of glass using Hey Kessy washi tapes. It makes my room more festive and homey. I was thinking it would also make a cute hanging planter. 

Washied Christmas Balls

Washied Christmas Balls

We'll be selling Christmas Glass Ball and Washi Jewelry craft kits this coming Saturday, December 7, at Zonta's Christmas Carnivale Bazaar. Hope to see you there!

PS I'll be having several craft workshops in the weeks to come :) If you want to join, you can register here.

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