Friday, January 17

Hey Kessy's Pansy Plantsy Washi

Pansy Plantsy is finally here! I designed this washi for Hey Kessy and we launched it last month at one of my papercutting workshops. Working on this project was challenging and fulfilling. :) I'm glad my thin plants and leaves turned out fancy in black and white. Haha!

Hey Kessy aims to promote the Handmade Movement in the Philippines and at the same time, celebrate Filipino talent by collaborating with local creatives to come up with more original designs. So, watch out for more washi designs in the coming months! 

Hey Kessy Washi

Hey Kessy Washi

Hey Kessy Washi x BDJ
I used it on my BDJ Forget-Me-Not notebook :)
Hey Kessy Washi

You can see the  Hey Kessy original washi series HERE :)

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