Thursday, February 20

Some Things, February

1. It took me years to wear running shoes again. I jog in the afternoons and attend yogilates twice a week hoping it would help improve my posture. This scoliosis and the bouts of lower back pains that come with it are killing me! Do you know of any other exercises and routines that could help? :)


2. There's this project that I'm glad I didn't have the guts to turn down when I had the chance. It teaches me new things about people, a new industry, and myself as a crafter and designer. More importantly, to some degree, it has made me more decisive, and better in replying to emails. :)

Tarragon Tea
3. I finally met tita Tocy, Mikko's mom. She has been a crafter ever since. I share with her a love for collecting flowers and leaves, and just recently, attended her Flower Pressing Workshop.

I also received a package full of craft books, materials, Blueberry tea, and even her own stash of dried Alaskan leaves and flowers. ♡

Craft Loot

This book, Illuminate, contains lighting projects which look complicated but fortunately can be done easily using materials you probably already have at home. The ones I want to try making are marked using washi tape from Hey Kessy.

Book and Leaves

Tea from Tita Tocy

4. This beautiful Jade bangle is from Jemay -  a fellow crafter who is based in Myanmar  (I've been dreaming to visit this country!). I really like it because it matches my complexion. :)

Red Jade

5. My friend Sanndra and I spent one after baking brownies. We used Betty Crocker mix. It was sooo good but a little too sweet for me. The only times I am in the kitchen is when I eat. Cooking didn't really appeal to me until recently. I want to come up with my own recipes this year. I took home the extra brownie bars and also these:


Sands gave me some of her mom's vintage stationery sets. I'm amaze with how her vintage collections are packaged in sturdy boxes with cute prints.

Thanks Sands! :)


  1. Hi Mansy,

    I also have scoliosis and like you I am also in search of good exercise routines that can help my back. May I know where you are attending yogilates? I attend therapy sessions last year and it has greatly helped my back, but it is really expensive. :( Anyway, my doctor has prohibited me to run as it will just give me more back pains. She suggested walking and swimming. Hope this helps. :)

    P.S. I really love your artworks and hope I can join your workshops in the future. Holding pottery workshops would be great as well. :)

    1. Hi :)

      I go to Gold's Gym at Katip. We have different instructors but the one who handles the Tuesday night classes has a really great routine. She focuses on strengthening the back. After our class, I can feel that my back is more relaxed.

      I'll try walking and swimming this week. :)

      Re craft workshops, yeah, I've been wanting to hold basic pottery classes. Thank you :)


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