Saturday, March 22

Art in the Park on Sunday!

I'm overwhelmed and happy how March has been all about art, crafts, and design. It started with Manila Fame last weekend, then the Type Kita exhibit, and just last night, the craft party and book signing for the launch of our DIY book!

Art in the Park

But it ain't over 'til it's over... on Sunday, March 23, I'll be selling at Art in the Park. Just look for the AIMLESS booth, D-4, if you want framed papercuts, rubbercut prints, and brass jewelry. Thanks to Electrolychee for adopting me! Hehe. :)

Type Kita Exhibit

This is the rubbercut cactus alphabet set I made for the Type Kita exhibit. I came up with only 10 prints. Two of which were sold at the exhibit - thanks to Arlene and to the other person who bought. :) I'll sell another print at Art in the Park.

Type Kita Exhibit

Here's a portion of a new papercut artwork I made. I'll be selling this piece on Sunday as well.

Come on Sunday to see the whole piece! :p
Brass Jewelry
Handmade Brass Rings
Here are the other artists who will be selling works too:


Hope you can come! 

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  1. Galing! I've been following you on bloglovin' for a while now and haven't really made any comments on your blog but I just have to say, your print is really pretty! :)


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