Sunday, May 25

Bring Your Own Benta, an art sale and flea market

With two of my college friends, Aaron and Fands, I'm hosting a simple gathering at the studio this coming June 7, Saturday, from 3pm to 12 mn. We'll have an Art Sale + Flea Market where you can buy bespoke jewelry, handmade postcards, old art and design magazines, plants, seeds, art materials, and a lot more (I say this because we're still accepting applications for those who want to join us in selling). :) We'll also have picnic food, ice candy, and drinks.

Bring You Own Benta
Poster Design by Aaron Roselo

I'll be dedicating the next two weeks in making brass jewelry, planters, clay tags, and other things to sell. :) Our other friend Tricia, who's a writer, will be selling stories she's going to make on the spot.

Brass rings

Clay Tags
Clay Tags
Craft Workshop

's the application form for sellers, fee is just P250. If you just want to hangout on June 7, you're more than welcome to come to our gathering! :)

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  1. Hey, ate Mansy! Until when are you accepting applications? :D Thanks!


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