Friday, May 9

Craft Projects for Hey Kessy

Having enough space where I can work on several projects simultaneously and store my materials where I could see and therefore use them - makes me craft non-stop! :) Here are my recent projects for Hey Kessy:

1. Other than flowers and leaves, I also collect twigs. And thank god my mom doesn't throw them away even though they practically occupy a considerable space in our living room. :p Using the twigs, I made a washi tape rack! If you want to make something like this, here are the instructions.

Washi Rack

2. I made these stamps as gifts for mommy this Sunday. Here are other simple projects that you can make to give as gifts for Mother's Day. 

Handmde Gifts for Mother's Day

3. I bring along this washi tape kombi to art fairs to show people what they can do with washi tape. I'll be making more of this soon using different washi tape colors and patterns.

10a Alabama Fair

By the way, my friends and I will have a Craft Pop Up Shop tomorrow and on Sunday. Hey Kessy has new products so make sure you drop by! :)

Craft Pop Up Shop

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