Wednesday, June 25

New Brass Bangles

I'll be joining fairs in the coming months and as early as now, I'm already working on the collections to be launched.

I designed and made new brass bangles. They're different from the brasslettes I used to make in 2011. I also use a special type of paint to add color. I'll be making only a few sets of the plain brass type and another small batch of gold plated ones - which my mom, who's also into jewelry, would help me make. I'll post more details about the fairs soon. :)

Brass Jewelry by Mansy Abesamis

Brass Jewelry by Mansy Abesamis

Brass Jewelry by Mansy Abesamis

For inquiries on commissions, prices, and designs, email me at

PS You can still join my Brass Jewelry Workshop this coming Saturday, June 28. We'll be making brass rings like those in the poster. You can register HERE.

Brass Jewelry Workshop


  1. Where can I buy the Brass sheet and the metal stamp? Are these available on-hand? When is your next workshop?

    1. You can buy metal stamps from Hey Kessy. Brass sheet isn't available yet.


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