Friday, June 13

Papercuts, Strawberries, and Gardening

I buy my weekly groceries at Rustan's, and when I was there the other week, I spotted bags of frozen of strawberries for only less than P250 each! I bought one of course! I made dozens of ice candy and milkshakes. Sometimes, I mix the frozen berries with my morning cereals.

As I am keen on romanticizing (haha!) the pocket garden at the studio, I have breakfast there regularly. It also makes me easier to tend the garden - throw away succulents which didn't survive and count the survivors.



Some succulents have numerous baby succulents surrounding them. I replanted some in my glass hanging planters. They look so healthy.


Here are two of the giant papercuts I made last week. They're part of a series I've been working on since last month. If only I can find white paper sheets bigger than these then my life would be easier. Hehe.


And another papercut piece! I have nightmares when I'm sick, sad, or tried - which was the case when I made this one. It's a paper dreamcatcher with white paper and lace for a tail. The white twig frame is covered with colored wire I got from Mikko.



Happy weekend, everyone!

PS Btw, we have craft workshops this month! You can register HERE (Papercutting, Clay, Agritour x Crafts, and Rainbow Loom) or HERE (Rubbercutting).

PPS Thanks to everyone who went to the Bring Your Own Benta Fair last week :)

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