Friday, June 20

Snailmail Swap


It's been months since the last time I hosted a snailmail swap so I've decided to host another one. The theme is Goodbye Summer.

Like what has been mentioned here, there are post offices - here and abroad - which have been losing customers and are therefore, laying off employees. Is it because only a few of us remember the joy of sending things via post nowadays? Or it may also be that the post service isn't that reliable anymore. Hmm. It's like the chicken-egg argument actually. Anyhoo, the important thing is we give them a chance to prove that their service is still as important (so we hope they take it seriously). :p

If you want to join the swap, fill out the form below:

Things to keep in mind:

1/ Partners will be assigned next Saturday, June 28. You'll get your partner's name, shipping address (of course!), and blog link/Instagram account so you can get to know them and their interests.
2/ Our theme is GOODBYE SUMMER! Interpret it by filling your parcel anything you think is related to the theme. But of course, things DIY-ed or handmade are preferred!
3/ Parcels should be sent by July 7.
4/ Email me if you have sent yours. If I don't receive any confirmation from you by July 7, prepared to be bugged by me or your partner ;)
5/ Okay, okay, I understand not everyone lives near a post office. You can opt to use our good ol' postal service or any courier as long as you send it.
6/ Only those with active blogs or Instagram accounts can join. This is so there's a smaller chance of bailing out on our partners.

Please join only if you are serious about following the guidelines. :)

You can read about the past mail swaps we've had here and here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mansy, I signed up for this and I'm wondering if the partners were already assigned. I didn't receive any email. Thanks!


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