Monday, July 21

From Lulu

Most of the time, I get to know other crafters just online - through their blogs or Instagram accounts. There are times, however, where I get to meet some in person. Either way, I'm so grateful we get to connect.

These two special gifts are from one of them, Lulu. She has visited me at several craft fairs before, and it's always comforting seeing her, all smiles, approach our craft booth. We last met at a 10a Alabama fair where she gave me two of her flower presses. Aside from that, she also handed me a book about flowers and plants. How sweet!

Flower Press

Flower Press

Flower Press

Flower Press

Dear Lulu,

If ever you are reading this, thank you for being so thoughtful. I promise you, the vintage presses be put to good use. :)

10a Alabama

PS I just watched the movie Walter Mitty. It's now one of my official favorite movies. The movie's soundtrack is also ♡!
PPS The next 10a Alabama Fair is on August 2-3. 

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