Tuesday, August 26

DIY Dish Garden

Rainy days always bring me back to Sagada and my 1-month pottery residency there in 2013. How I wish I have extra space at the studio to have a kick wheel and kiln.

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

I recently made a clay dish planter for the succulents I bought when I went to QC Circle.  The clay I used would take about 24hours to airdry, but if you bake it in a regular oven toaster, it would only take 15 minutes to be ready.

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

I used washi tape to decorate it, but you can also use acrylic paint, watercolor, or even ink pads and stamps.

Clay Planter + Garden Dish Workshop

PS We have upcoming events and workshops at the studio. You can see the schedule HERE.

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