Sunday, September 28

Shibori: Indigo Dyeing

I bought different types of white fabric at Fabric Warehouse the other week, and invited my sister Frances and our nephew Mawsy to come over the studio and have a mini shibori backyard party with me!

We used a whole pack of Jacquard Shibori kit to dye linen, muslin, voile, and swiss cotton sheets. It took us just a few minutes to set up the indigo vat. We had fun experimenting with rubberbands, wood blocks, a wine bottle, and other found objects to come up with shibori patterns like itajime, arashi, and kumo



The weirder they looked before they were soaked in the indigo vat, the better the patterns were! :p





There are so many other shibori patterns, and you can even make your own! Next on my list are hand-sewn shibori purses I can give out to friends as Christmas gifts! :)

PS  I'll have a Shibori Workshop at the studio on November 15. Sign up here! :) 
PPS Papercutting Workshops in Manila and Singapore!

Tuesday, September 23

Papercutting: Circles and Patterns

Over the past week, I realized how bad I was at time management. These days, most of my time is spent on shop errands, social media management, and a new project I can't wait to launch. Though these mean a lot to me, there are other things which are equally important.

You really need to make conscious effort to change your everyday cycle. So, Paul and I agreed to have art dates at 8am every day - no cellphones and computers allowed! :)

Anyhoo, circular papercuts are my current favorite! Here are some of the WIP photos:



I turned this piece into a dreamcatcher! Good thing there were white twigs lying around our  neighborhood.


On a similar note, here are the papercuts I used to make the Bugtong coasters I exhibited at the Type Kita typography event last March. The main purpose of this personal project is to bring back bugtong to our everyday culture - especially among kids and teenagers.  I'm looking for local cafes or restaurants who are willing to adopt them for a couple of weeks. So, if you have suggestions, just email me! :)


PS Happy to have finally met you, Carina!
PPS I can't believe the Hey Kessy shop is already 4 months old! Thanks for the support, everyone :)

Hey Kessy Shop

Tuesday, September 9

Some Things, September

1. I keep all my handmade stoneware plates in a closet in our studio's kitchen. I admit, I seldom use them. Only when I have shoots, special guests, or something to celebrate that I take them out. Paul would always remind me that a plate only becomes a "real" after the meal. So last  Craft Gathering, they were put to good use! :)

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

2. Speaking of the Craft Gathering, it's a different kind of fulfillment for me whenever the studio looks like it did during the event. The quiet but hasty moments of preps are one of the things I remember and enjoy the most.

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Yeah, I know, those monoblock chairs have to be replaced!

3. I wish I can wear these heart stockings outside and not just in my room. If only the weather would cooperate!

Heart Stockings

5. I made washi heart envelopes and craft kits for the yogis who joined the Hey Kessy Mala Bracelet+Wishing Stone Workshop at the One Life Studio last week. Seriously considering doing a washi heart bombing around the neighborhood. 

Washied Envelopes

6. Got this cute temporary tattoo from the Aislinn's Wish booth at a fair I enjoyed a couple of weeks ago.

Temporary Tattoo

7. I think I'm starting to love sweets! First, the banana walnut ice cream, and then this:

I really like Teatox Philippines' tea packaging. I don't want to throw away the empty bags.
Macy's kahlua cupcakes are so addicting! I can't wait for Hey Kessy's Cupcake Day this coming Saturday.

PS I'll have Papercutting and Shibori workshops in the weeks to come. To see the schedule, go HERE

Wednesday, September 3

FrenchxCrafts: Postcards

The way I see my handwriting has changed ever since I had that Casa San Miguel roadtrip with Tippy. Now, I enjoy writing more. I use a chinese soft brush and Indian ink when I practice.

Here are some of my recent projects:

Casa San Miguel Roadtrip

Mon petit chou = my sweetheart

French x Crafts

C'est mignon = it's cute

French x Crafts

I hope that these FrechxCrafts postcards will also encourage those who are interested in learning the language.

Btw, thanks to Fat Fingers for these yummy macarons!

PS I'll have Shibori and Papercutting Workshops! For more details, go to :)

Tuesday, September 2

Homemade Ice Cream

One of the highlights of my previous week was being able to make my own ice cream! Experimenting in the kitchen or cooking is not something I do every day so it's really an achievement for me.

I found a recipe online that only requires simple ingredients and kitchen tools. I was skeptical that shaking a bag of ice with salt, milk, and banana would result to ice cream, but it worked!

Homemade Ice Cream


Mashed banana
Crushed walnuts
1 spoon of sugar
1 cup of milk
1/2 rock salt
1 small Ziploc bag
1 big Ziploc bag
1 bag of ice cubes


1. Mix mashed banana, sugar, and milk in the small Ziploc bag. Make sure it's tightly sealed.
2. Put the ice cubes in the big Ziploc bag. Add the half cup of rock salt.
3. Put the small bag inside the big one.
4. Shake the bag for 5 to 10 minutes.
5. Add crushed walnuts.

My homemade banana walnut ice cream tasted a bit salty, and I liked it. You can rinse the small bag with water before opening it so yours won't taste salty.

Homemade Ice Cream

Homemade Ice Cream

I wish I knew how to make this before the 10a Alabama picnic last week! :)


PS We have new workshops and events at the Hey Kessy studio!
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