Tuesday, September 23

Papercutting: Circles and Patterns

Over the past week, I realized how bad I was at time management. These days, most of my time is spent on shop errands, social media management, and a new project I can't wait to launch. Though these mean a lot to me, there are other things which are equally important.

You really need to make conscious effort to change your everyday cycle. So, Paul and I agreed to have art dates at 8am every day - no cellphones and computers allowed! :)

Anyhoo, circular papercuts are my current favorite! Here are some of the WIP photos:



I turned this piece into a dreamcatcher! Good thing there were white twigs lying around our  neighborhood.


On a similar note, here are the papercuts I used to make the Bugtong coasters I exhibited at the Type Kita typography event last March. The main purpose of this personal project is to bring back bugtong to our everyday culture - especially among kids and teenagers.  I'm looking for local cafes or restaurants who are willing to adopt them for a couple of weeks. So, if you have suggestions, just email me! :)


PS Happy to have finally met you, Carina!
PPS I can't believe the Hey Kessy shop is already 4 months old! Thanks for the support, everyone :)

Hey Kessy Shop

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