Tuesday, September 9

Some Things, September

1. I keep all my handmade stoneware plates in a closet in our studio's kitchen. I admit, I seldom use them. Only when I have shoots, special guests, or something to celebrate that I take them out. Paul would always remind me that a plate only becomes a "real" after the meal. So last  Craft Gathering, they were put to good use! :)

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

2. Speaking of the Craft Gathering, it's a different kind of fulfillment for me whenever the studio looks like it did during the event. The quiet but hasty moments of preps are one of the things I remember and enjoy the most.

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Hey Kessy Craft Gathering

Yeah, I know, those monoblock chairs have to be replaced!

3. I wish I can wear these heart stockings outside and not just in my room. If only the weather would cooperate!

Heart Stockings

5. I made washi heart envelopes and craft kits for the yogis who joined the Hey Kessy Mala Bracelet+Wishing Stone Workshop at the One Life Studio last week. Seriously considering doing a washi heart bombing around the neighborhood. 

Washied Envelopes

6. Got this cute temporary tattoo from the Aislinn's Wish booth at a fair I enjoyed a couple of weeks ago.

Temporary Tattoo

7. I think I'm starting to love sweets! First, the banana walnut ice cream, and then this:

I really like Teatox Philippines' tea packaging. I don't want to throw away the empty bags.
Macy's kahlua cupcakes are so addicting! I can't wait for Hey Kessy's Cupcake Day this coming Saturday.

PS I'll have Papercutting and Shibori workshops in the weeks to come. To see the schedule, go HERE

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