Tuesday, October 7

Papercut Stencil and Tote Bag Design

Trying out different craft materials and tools always excites me, and just the other day, Paul surprised me with one! He gave me a green film and told me I could use it in papercutting. Right away, I asked him to show me how to use it. We made papercut - green film stencils.

He made his first stencil when he was still in highschool so he was as excited as I was to do the craft again. Between the two of us, he's no doubt the expert in typography and design so he did the lettering, while I took care of the cutting. It's a bit tricky cutting the green film because it was so thin.

Papercut Stencil

The film was adhered to a silkscreen using an acetone-like solution, and was used as a stencil to transfer designs on fabric and paper.

Papercut Stencil

We practised on spare corrugated boards, and liked how the design turned out. But...

Papercut Stencil

when it was my turn to do it on a tote bag, I fidgeted so some parts are a little washed! Haha. ;) I'll experiment more using different papercut designs.

Papercut Stencil

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