Tuesday, November 4

DIY Shibori Shawl

Ever since I got back from Singapore, I've been making shibori shawls and wrapping cloth. It's not that easy to find a white cloth that would work well with the indigo dye. I'm working on a voile-type of textile which is thin and soft. Another textile type I'm working on is Swiss cotton. The color lightens a bit when dry.
Here's a shibori shawl with a random pattern:

Shibori Shawl

Shibori Shawl


It's fun working on different textile types and experimenting with other shibori techniques. But I'm taking a break now because the next 10a Alabama Fair is already on the 14th and 15th. I must work on the collections I'll be launching!

PS Here's an interesting documentary on the resurgence of the Handmade Movement in Melbourne (Thanks for sharing this, Fran!). I hope someone makes something similar about local crafters and makers

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