Friday, January 16

New Year, New Studio

This year will be for more personal projects, out-of-town trips, and non-working weekends! :) Another thing I'm really excited about is my new studio. I moved to the attic so I'd have more freedom to make a mess, experiment with different craft techniques and materials, and focus on the collections I've been working on without getting distracted. This way, more crafters and artists would be able to hold workshops at our studio on the first floor. 

Paul and I celebrated the new studio by having my current favorite tea, Rose Moscato, and warm pineapple pie from sir Asao who came to visit to give me large sheets of paper he made himself. :) 

Afternoon Tea

Papercutting Studio

Papercutting Studio

Sir Asao

Handmade Paper

PS I'll have several workshops in the coming weeks. For more details, go HERE.

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  1. Mansy! :) I'm so envious. Your studio is so beautiful. I've been wanting to start my woodworking hobby for a while now but I can't find a space to work with. haha.


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