Monday, May 18

Some Things, May

1. I'm Total Girl's Role Model for the month of May! One of my favorite interviews so far! Not only that the TG team who visited was super fun but the article really captured my thoughts on the local Handmade Movement, social media, and the significance of making in the bigger scheme of things.

Total Girl

2. Before the year started,  I made a promise to myself to incorporate crafting to going out to adventures, more often. And I'm glad I was able to do that the past few weeks. I had several beach trips with friends, saw the rice terraces in the north with my family, and went scuba diving the other weekend. I brought a camera but it was too heavy and didn't really fancy taking pictures while everyone else was enjoying. Glad I had with me my art and craft materials to document the things I saw which fascinated me. :)

Handcarved Stamps

For out of town trips, I always bring Hey Kessy carving blocks because they are thick enough that you don't need to bring a cutting mat anymore, and Versacraft Ink pads. I also bring the unlined notebook Pauline gifted me, to jot down craft project ideas and doodle designs.

Sakura Koi

 Carving Stamps

3. Finally, I got to read this Frankie issue, a pasalubong from my friend Ryan when he came back from a family trip to the Land Down Under. I like the article about a UN volunteer and  her experience in South Sudan.

Frankie Mag

4. I tried the Yin Yang champorado of the Early Breakfast Club. It was soooo good! And so was the food presentation.

Early Breakfast Club

Early Breakfast Club

5. The studio is sometimes difficult to maintain - pieces of paper all over the floor, dead plants, dried leaves in the pocket garden, messy monobloc chairs, and ink-stained tables  - but it still remains as my favorite place. :)

Hey Kessy Studio

Hey Kessy Studio

6. Des, one of my favorite people in the world, came home from Germany, and hung out at the studio. It's been almost a year since we last saw each other but our conversations stay the same - intense and moving.

Hey Kessy Studio

Hey Kessy Studio

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