Thursday, May 7

Wear that Papercut

Everyone has that dream project that takes them longer to think/romanticize about than actually making it. This papercut top has long been sitting in my mind, even as early as the beginning of last year. Back then, I wanted to experiment and explore other ways of making my papercuts more than just papercuts. I knew there could be a way to make them wearable using a special type of paper which couldn't be torn and is waterproof.

I didn't have an initial pattern in mind before working on this piece. I just woke up one morning and decided that this project had been in mind way too long. It was time to actually do it. It took me less than an hour to finish the pattern and cut it because I was so excited to try the top on. :)
Papercut Dress

Papercut Dress

Papercut Dress

PS I have Papercutting Workshops this month and in early June!
PPS I'm looking for crafty interns! For more details, go HERE.

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