Monday, June 22

Papercut Dreams

People often assume that I am a very patient person when they see my papercuts. I always laugh when they do because I'm prolly one of the most impatient people alive. My closest friends can attest to that. Haha.

I'm able to sit for hours, focused on doing just one thing, and come up with intricate designs because when I papercut, I meditate. Or more aptly, papercutting is my meditation. My thoughts run so fast but they are translated into busy but still organized patterns, so I don't get lost nor lose my attention. :)

Here's a new papercut project inspired by the things I dreamt of last night. 




In other news, I worked on a special project for Dandy Ona with Marga, a kindred soul from Iloilo. She takes amazing photos. I love her work and I figured it would be nice to collaborate with her. I'll post more photos soon! :)

Dandy Ona Jewelry


  1. Intricate details as always <3

  2. I wen to your shop in Katipunan and you inspired me ☺

  3. I went to your shop at Katipunan and you inspired me being a Scholastican myself ☺

    1. Thank you for dropping by and for the kind words. <3


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