Friday, July 17

Some Things, July

1. The past few days have been full of life's extremes. So many things happening, so many plans, and so many ideas. There are so many things which need to be considered though. These are the moments I try to be the most organized person that I can be - at which I fail most of the time! Haha. Good thing I got a new wooden pencil case especially made for X-acto knives and blades. If you're wondering where you can get it, it's available at Hey Kessy.


2. Here are my current favorite things: the paper watch I got from Den, Amy Poehler's book I borrowed from one of my interns, Kitkat, and my new papercut projects. 

Yes Please

3. I was a little too clumsy the other week. :( My favorite and one of the very first stoneware plates I ever made now looks like this...

Stoneware Plate

Maybe it's time for me to make more plates. :)

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