Wednesday, August 5

Some Things, August

1. I often get messages in my email and FB inbox asking about the materials I use for my projects, the kind of camera I use, my views on the local Handmade Movement, and lastly, my advice for people who want to be a crafter. I enjoy answering the first two. Not because I feel obliged to, but more importantly, they makes me reflect, and I believe they somewhat lead to self-awareness. As for the last question, I think it's pretty obvious already. But just to answer that ubiquitous question once and for all, If you want to be a crafter, then craft. It's as simple as that.

Start making. Remember, you could've spent those 15 minutes on being an actual crafter instead on writing an email, and asking how to be one. :)


2. My lolo passed away a couple of weeks back. The family went back to Pangasinan, our hometown, last week. So many things have changed. I got to visit our old house, the one I spent my early childhood in; and walked in the streets were my siblings and I would play patentero and langit lupa with our neighbors. It was so poignant as it was happy.


This butterfly had been in the studio for several days last week. One morning, I found him beside the happy doodle. Lolo must be in a happier place. :)

3. I'll be holding workshops by the beach in the months to come! The first one is during the Vitamin Sea event at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. If you want to carve your own stamps, and design totes and postcards with them, join my Rubber Stamp Making Workshop on August 29.

Hand-carved stamps

4. Dandy Ona has new earring and ring designs which will be posted on the website this week. I wore the new Dandy Ona earrings - classic with a twig- to the opening of our Papercut exhibit at Prism Gallery last Saturday.

Custom-made Jewelry

Also, I can't get over these limited edition jewelry dishes especially made for gold and custom-made orders.

Dandy Ona Jewelry

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