Monday, September 28

Of Glass Wall Art, Temporary Tatts, and Ocassional Katipunan Walks

1. Recently discovered that static paper is super easy to papercut, and looks awesome as glass wall art. Here's a piece inspired by our neighborhood. 

Papercut Glass Art


Those who joined my papercutting workshop last weekend, were also able to work with this type of paper. It's durable but thin enough to be cut easily.  

Papercutting Workshop

2. I tried glass etching again! The first time would have to be way back in gradeschool or highschool! It's refreshing to use the material for other projects aside from the usual glass etching project that is wine bottles. 

For those who are wondering, the glass boards I used for this and the previous projects are available at the Hey Kessy shop in Katipunan. :)

Glass Etching

3. Walked around Katipunan after a workshop at the studio one weekend, and saw this patch of a forest near Regis building. Wish there were more places like this - or even a park - in our area. 


4. After hosting a Zeke and the Pirates Watercolor Workshop at the studio with Chinggay and Wiji, we made temporarty tattoos at the shop! I'll be making more for the coming Katipunan Art Festival this Saturday! :) If you also want to make your own, temporary tattoo sheets are available at the Hey Kessy shop.  

DIY Tattoo

On another note, it's been a challenging few weeks co-organizing an event, but the fulfillment and learnings otherwise I wouldn't have gained, are all so worth it. I got to talk to people from different backgrounds - from a barangay captain to a coffee shop owner - and artists who promote different art forms like pottery, graffiti, watercolor, paper quilling, papercutting, and lettering. I also discovered new places in the neighborhood. It's a really good learning experience, and I can't thank enough the people who go out of their way to help me make this project happen. 

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