Monday, September 21

Of Papercutting, Intens, Craft Camp, and Washi Tape

1. Before everything turns into one big giving-this-my-best-shot blur, I made time to start a papercut project that's close to home. I got the map during one of my meetings with our barangay captain. Let's just hope I get to finish the piece soon. 



2. My interns from batch 1 Cara and Kitkat are back, and have been super helpful in organizing the Katipunan Art Festival - from designing marketing collateral materials to making sure every event at Hey Kessy will run smoothly. My six new interns will join them this week. 

Hey Kessy Interns
Taken one afternoon while I was training them to take photos for Kessy's online accounts. 

3. Met up with Mikko, Macy, and Alessa - three of my co-organizers of the second Craft Camp which will happen on October 17-18 in La Union. We just crafted the morning away, shared Charlie Chan pasta and a Dear Darla pizza.

Washi Project

4. IFEX sent us paper, watercolor, and spray paint for the Katipunan Art Festival, and since I'm into trying new ways of doing things, I used my old papercuts as stencils. I like how to it turned out.

I'm veering towards bigger pieces these days.

4. Washied my new laptop case and charger! Bought a new laptop because the old one, which I had been using for six years already, is practically dead. It's so slow it would take me hours just to open Excel and Photoshop. Figured it was smarter to buy a new one than save money because I couldn't really afford to waste time anymore.

Washi Project

The colorful washi tapes make meetings and working late at night more bearable and yep, fun. :)

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