Saturday, October 31

Life Lately: Beatiful Plates, New Studio, and Colors

1. L-R: An old acrylic painting from years back, washi kombi collage, mommy's old painting, one of the very first rubbercut prints I made, artwork from Mall.

My new studio is slowly starting to look and feel like a real one. I'm planning to host an open studio with an intimate poetry reading, tea gathering, or even film showing. Soon.


Craft Camp
2. One of our neighbors, Got Heart, sells organic produce and other healthy food options. The other weekend, they set up a mini thrift shop. Got myself a bamboo tea scoop and ceramic grater. 

The beautiful blue plate and floral mug are from a local supermarket.

3. Surprisingly, I'm not so bummed my phone got busted a few days ago. I met up with Ella, a good friend from my previous job, without having the pressure of documenting every tiny moment through photos. I also got to work on so many works in progress. I love that my works are starting to have colors again!




4. Floral temporary tatt from Alessa. I'm so tempted to make this permanent! 

Temporary Tattoo
Photo from Alessa
5. I'm back to working with clay! I miss the feeling of kneading and transforming it into different forms and shapes. The process is very relaxing and calming - what I really need these days. Haha!  

Here are some of the 120 plates I'm making for a dear friend's wedding in December. :)


PS For my workshop schedule in November, go to

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