Sunday, October 11

Some Things Work

The festival was exactly how I imagined it to be, only 3000x better! We can't thank enough the people who came and celebrated art with us, the artists who gave live demos, did live art, joined the exhibits and fairs, hosts of the open mic, Sta. Clara for giving us a fair weather, the sponsors - Hey Kessy, Sharpie, Swap, Ifex, and Jugo Bar - my friends and family, and of course to my partners-in-crime, Erbee, Lou, Dana, Tita, and Arlene!

Katipunan Art Festival

Katipunan Art Festival

2/3 of my works for the All One Piece papercutting exhibit at the Small, Absolute Things Gallery at the Hey Kessy shop. Exhibit runs until the end of October!



Katipunan Art Festival
Photo from Tippy ♡

Offered these eggs to Sta. Clara days before the event. They worked! 

Washied Eggs

Don't worry, more photos soon! Just have to run again for the second Craft Camp next weekend. :)

PS Shout out to these guys who've seen me at my lowest and happiest before, during, and after the festival - Mommy, Tippy, Abbey, Macy, Mikko, Alessa, June, Mon, Fandra, and Jen! 
Thank you for always being there for me. ♡

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