Tuesday, February 2

Before Firing My Bugtong Plates

Happy I found a special type of watercolor that I could use on my ceramic plates and share to my Slab Pottery Workshop students! The paint is easy to control so I was able to write words and draw detailed patterns on the pieces.

After painting them, I let them dry for a few hours, then I dip them in a vat of clear glaze. After the second firing, they will be ready for eating and look like this! :)

Can you guess the answers to these bugtongs

Hand-painted Ceramic Plates

Hand-painted Ceramic Plates

Hand-painted Ceramic Plates

Pottery Workshop

Handmade Ceramic Plates

My Bugtong Plates are available at the Hey Kessy Shop in Katipunan. If you want to make your own ceramic plates, mugs, or jewelry, I post the schedule of my Slab Pottery Workshops here: workshops.heykessy.com. :)

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