Friday, April 8

Life Lately: New Studio, Logo, and Other Things

I couldn’t quite imagine how I was able to maintain a blog while having a full time job back in 2014. I’d write about random thoughts, photographs, or films. Or new places I got to visit with friends. In the previous year, I didn't have that luxury. I was too caught up with so many unnecessary things.

1. I’m the process of redesigning this blog, my logo, and everything else in the hopes that it would get me to write more often. I'm done (well kind of) with florals and patterns, so I'm using my favorite fruit as my new logo.


2. Most of my last week was spent on cleaning the old studio. The heat and nostalgia made the whole moving thing slower and slower by the minute. On the bright side, I found my old, pre-Kessy, works! It’s nice being reminded of how I used to love collecting stuff and making collages out of them. I should go back to doing it.

Craft Studio
New studio. :)
Washi Collages

3. I celebrated my 29th birthday by crafting with my family and friends! This year’s theme was Fight Club! With the help of my friend Shani of Aromateria, we set up a Tyler’s Soap Making station! I'll be coming up with a separate post on this one, but here’s the collage I made for the party!

Fight Club

Hey Kessy Shop
We had sangria during the #HKBetterAndBrighter closing party!

4.  And yup! I celebrated my birthday on the same day the Hey Kessy Shop in Abada closed its doors for the final time! Right after we left the old studio, I headed to Ilocos for my college best friend’s wedding, and when I came back, it felt so weird not going back to the 71B studio. Now, I have to come up with a new routine. It’s bittersweet.

Craft Studio
Said goodbye to every corner in the old studio.
Before the wedding, my friends and I got to enjoy the summer heat and splash in this pool.

5. I can't remember the last time I got to be as carefree as I've been this week. The new studio has a great view of the neighboring villages, and at night, I get to watch movies in the mini balcony.

The Royal Tenenbaum
Richie ♡
PS More photos of the new place soon! Btw, I'll have a Slab Pottery + Rubber Stamp Making workshop with Nica Cosio for Design Week PH on April 16 in Intramuros. You can register here:

See you!

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