Monday, April 29

Breakfast Buddies

One morning, Talee saw me saying going goodbye to a friend from the hostel and asked me, “Are you sad he’s leaving? Are you going to miss him?”. Without really thinking, I told her, “Tal, when people need to go home, we should let them.” We just stood there, together, so quiet, just waving goodbye. And then I felt my heart skipped! I regretted what I just said, and quickly got worried she wouldn’t miss nor remember me when I leave. She might think I was telling her that it was ok to forget me once I go home. 

You see, this 5-year-old girl is very smart. She understands things.

So when her beautiful mama said she still remembered me, she’d still mention my name (I wonder what she calls me now), it really meant the world to me.

Though I might not be as laid-back or carefree as when you met me, I still enjoy our favorite things even here in the city ~ slow breakfasts, skate skate, and crazy conversations with friends.

You’ll always have my heart, Tal. ♡ ♡ ♡

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